KSS Air Ambulance


Since February 2013, SERV Surrey & South London have provided a critical, daily service to the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust. This entails delivering two boxes, each containing four units of O Rh- blood, to their hanger at Redhill Aerodrome every day without fail, including Bank Holidays, Easter and Christmas, as well as replenishing them whenever they have cause to open, or worse use the contents, of either box.

In September 2013, the aircraft at Redhill Aerodrome was certified for night flying, meaning that they were able to provide 24-hour airborne emergency services, instead of being restricted to fast response vehicles during the hours of darkness. During 2014, the two aircraft together flew some 1900 missions, taking the Accident & Emergency Department to the incident.

All of our other work is done under best endeavours; if we have the resources available, we’ll field the request, and happily. This however is a commitment. KSSAAT deliberately searched for an organisation that could and would provide a 24/7 365 service with time-bound deliveries. Along with our sister organisation SERV Kent who service the second aircraft based at KSSAAT Headquarters in Marden, Kent, we are delighted and honoured to be chosen to support this critical life-saving charity.

If you’d like to be part of the local team that supports this incredible service, please contact our Recruitment Team.