CAF Grant

We are really grateful to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) who have awarded SERV SSL a grant of £9,000 from their CAF Coronavirus Emergency Fund. Like a lot of charities our ability to fund raise has been severely curtailed by this pandemic, whilst our activities to support the NHS have increased. This funding will go a long way to helping us maintain our important services in these challenging times.

The library picture is from our Easter Egg run last year to Evelina Childrens Hospital London – one of the many hospitals we deliver to nightly. This special run see’s us delivering may Easter eggs to the children all funded by members of SERV. 

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  1. Excellent news regarding the funding. I am sure that the application process was not simple so well done for securing the help. Great picture. I am in Westminster a fair bit and so frequently pass this hospital. Nice to see two potential new recruits. Might need to change their uniform though! Keep up the great work.

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