CrimeaFest 2016 and Charters Citroen support us!

This year we attended the Crimea Inn in Aldershot for their annual music festival, CrimeaFest. This is the 4th year that we have been fortunate enough to be one of the chosen charities to benefit from the money raised by the owners Jan and Ray. Each year the donations have gone up and up as the event becomes increasingly popular.

This year was particularly special as we also took ownership of a new vehicle to our fleet kindly donated by the Crimea’s neighbours, Charters Citroen. Adam and the team at Charters are huge supporters of the work that we do and felt that they could do something to help.

Our brand new DS3 has been given our usual livery, so look out for it next time you’re driving around Surrey and South London! As with all our vehicles, we like to name them after people who have made a huge difference to the work that we do, we know that Jan in particular has a strong heartfelt connection with our volunteers and so, in light of their generosity and ongoing support, we have named our new car “Jan”.

On the day, lots of our volunteers attended, mostly to show support and answer questions from those who may not be aware of the work that we do, but also to sample the fabulous hog roast put on by the pub. After the event we went back to the Crimea on 18th July and gratefully accepted a cheque in the sum of £2,125.

Our deepest thanks go to Jan, Ray and Adam as well as all those who attended the festival, both performers and customers, in support of SERV Surrey & South London.  They received due praise on the Get Hampshire web site too.

We look forward to coming back to CrimeaFest 2017 and lots more thereafter!

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