Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Pre Hospital Blood Transfusion Update

We have known from the start of our relationship with Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance that we were really helping to save lives from feedback given to our volunteers by the aircraft crew and at briefings by KSSAA staff.

We are now being furnished with monthly data which illustrates the great work being done by the air ambulance at the scenes of incidents and how they make use of the blood delivered to them on a daily basis by SERV Surrey and South London (Redhill aircraft) and SERV Kent (Marden aircraft)

The data shows that since KSSAA began carrying “Golden Hour” blood up to the end of June 2014 they have carried out 107 blood transfusions at the scene or prior to the casualty reaching hospital, 43 of those being this year.

In June the Redhill and Marden aircraft crews each carried out 5 transfusions meaning that as well as the regular daily restock runs, volunteers would have carried out 10 ad-hoc re-supply runs.

So what sort of incidents do the air ambulance crews use the “Golden Hour” blood for? Well in June alone they treated casualties which fell into the following categories: Crush, Fall, RTC, Cycling, Medical and Industrial. So you never know what KSSAA will be called to deal with or when they will need our help.

Supporting the great work done by SERV SSL and SERV Kent also supports the great work of Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance who may be called upon to help any of us, at any time.

SERV – Help us now, you may need us later.


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