Kingston Hospital requests a special transfer

On 26th February Kingston Hospital​ made their first use of SERV Surrey & South London’s free blood runner’s service provided to the NHS. At 01.50 the Pathology department requested a sample to be taken to the National Blood Centre at Filton, Bristol.

Normally the charity only operates within Surrey and London but this was a special request and we try to help out whenever possible. Our volunteer rode through the night to the Great Western Hospital, Swindon where it was transferred to a Severn Freewheelers EVS​ rider at 05.35 for onward delivery to Filton.

Our rider travelled over 200 miles from home to Swindon and back, finally arriving home at 07.30. He has received absolutely no compensation except the knowledge that he may have helped an unknown patient.

“It’s what we do.”

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