M25 Ring of Red – A Day to Remember

By Bob Cooper

Well what an amazing thing, a complete ring of motorcyclists riding for a common cause around the circumference of the M25. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it. There was no animosity, no rivalry, no road rage. Just thousands and thousands of like minded people sharing a mutual respect for our armed forces using our chosen mode of transport.

From Alan on his scooter, to Nobby on his quad. There were men, women, blood-bikers from all counties, chapters of angels, forces charities, old soldiers, young bucks and everybody from the biking community.

The common cause being a show of our respect and admiration from the men and women of HM forces whose job it is to protect our rights, to chaps like my dad who survived sea battles and air attacks to go on and meet my mum to produce me.

I tip my hat to everyone who played a part in the Ring of Red today and to everybody who stood still for two minutes or attended a ceremony to thank those who keep us safe.

M25 bikers dress in red to create ‘largest poppy’
Bikers create Remembrance ‘Ring of Red’ around M25

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