On the front line of the Covid-19 battle

On Thursday, SERV – Surrey & South London were pressed into the frontline battle against COVID-19. We were contacted by Serv Herts and Beds to move an urgent, vital piece of test equipment from its manufacturer based in North Bedfordshire, to St Georges Hospital, South London. The company are working with the NHS – on state-of-the-art pioneering equipment to test for, and to combat Coronavirus. Johnny – a retired Police officer with over 47 years of biking experience was tasked with this critical delivery. Having only joined us in August, he was acutely aware of the criticality of this payload, and drew on all that experience meeting up at the rendezvous point, then delivering the vital equipment across London to St Georges Hospital on time. SERV Surrey & South London have been pressed into operating 24/7 as a result of the current crisis directly in support of our NHS.
We rely entirely on donations. We would normally be out fundraising at events across Surrey and South London, but due to the current crisis we are unable to do so. If you are able to support us with a donation however small, it would be greatly appreciated.

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