Thank You

Thank you!

Thanks to NHS staff, whether you wear scrubs, green or a purple staff shirt as in the case of Royal Surrey County Hospital. You’re all incredible and hauling us through the #coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you also to all other key workers and front-line services: police, fire service, utilities, supermarket staff! You all continue to go to work, performing the same role, for the same money, but with a host of new challenges. Many of these roles are usually quietly undertaken, but the public have now realised how much we rely on you.

Thanks to our volunteers, and the (literally) hundreds of you that have contacted us with offers of help. We apologise that we haven’t been able to progress your applications so far, but hope we’ll meet properly once life returns back to normal! Our volunteers have stepped up services from 12 to 24 hours while the UK battles the pandemic, and we transport not only blood products but also coronavirus samples for testing. We provide our services for free to reduce the reliance on paid couriers, which means that money can be spent on patient care and hospital equipment instead. If recent headlines are anything to go by, this is more important than ever!

Thank you to the kids who have made #rainbows and pictures, sticking them in windows for people to see. It really does evoke a smile!

And finally, #ThankYou to you, the large majority of the general public who chose to #StayHome over what was a sweltering bank holiday weekend and the duration of the lockdown period. Sitting at home and watching Netflix, or apparently learning numerous #TikTok dances has never helped the #NHS so much!

Pictured is Michael, our Land Rover, graciously donated by Surrey Police alongside three of our bikes, PC Soper from Surrey Police, Jamie Betteridge representing the home-side and two lovely ladies from South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust who were roped into this display somewhat unknowingly and we didn’t even get their names! A lovely chance display of the partnership working that usually goes on somewhat unnoticed!

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