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Our Chief Controller recently received the following thank you email. It has been slightly but obviously edited to remove potentially personally identifiable information.

I am writing to say a big thank you to the voluntary rider that helped me in May by bringing the blood I urgently needed … for me to have urgent blood transfusions. The night was Thursday 16th May and I understand the volunteer was called Mike.

I gave birth to twin girls … on the 8th May this year and was discharged home after 2 nights and spent the next 8 days at home enjoying getting to know the girls and also looking after their sister who turned one last Friday! Everything was going very well until I haemorrhaged at home and lost about 4 pints of blood. My husband called 111 and an ambulance arrived at our home … within about 5 minutes. My mum accompanied me in the ambulance with blue flashing lights … My husband had to look after all three girls as they were all so young.

I lost more blood on the way to the hospital and in A and E and ended up in resus with my blood pressure dropping dramatically. I could feel myself drifting and my husband was told to get to the hospital as quickly as he could as I was critically ill.

From arriving in A and E I kept asking for blood transfusions as I could see the rate of the blood I was very quickly losing. I never envisaged I would be in such a situation and was extremely scared and thought I was dying. I have since found out that if it wasn’t for your voluntary service, I would not have had the pints of blood and plasma I vitally needed. I spent a further week in hospital in CDU and after the ongoing transfusions, antibiotics and a general operation, I was so pleased to feel well again. I was so happy to be able to return home to my babies and lead a normal life.

I really cannot thank you enough and I wondered if you could thank Mike personally too.

We don’t often receive direct communication from, or indeed ever know who are our, recipients but this lady went out of her way to find out who and thank us, for which we are grateful. Her thanks have been passed on to the rider who did the run and the controller who took the call.

It’s letters like these that make doing what we do even more worthwhile, knowing that our delivery actually saved a life. Generally, we do what we do anonymously and for the simple satisfaction of potentially making a difference, oh and riding a motorcycle!

The statistics of this run are:

Delivery (boxes on board): 35 miles, 45 minutes riding time

Journey (home and back): 80 miles, 120 minutes riding time

Call received 21:00, Blood loaded 21:35, Blood delivered 22:20

No speed limits were broken, no red lights jumped, no blue lights or sirens used (or indeed fitted) – Just a volunteer on his own motorcycle donating his time, fuel, wear and tear to deliver emergency blood products from where they are to where they’re urgently needed, out of hours, quickly and safely.

SERV – it’s what we do. Help us today, you might need us tomorrow!

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