Training pays off on route to RTTW18

Something different for the SERV volunteers this weekend and proof that all the extra training we do pays off. A contingent from SERV SSL were riding to the National Memorial Arboretum as part of the ‘Ride to the Wall 2018’ event. On entering a roundabout the group met every motorcyclist’s worst nightmare… oil on the road… and a lot of it. Thankfully only one rider fell casualty and because of his advanced rider training, he was able to minimise the damage. It was his pride that hurt more than anything… which is a great credit to his skills as a rider. However it was the group’s actions after that were worth noting. Many of our volunteers have attended the Biker Down Surrey course with Surrey Fire and Rescue Service at Guildford Fire Station. This training proved invaluable as the scene was cordoned off, traffic managed and many other motorcyclist warned and safely guided through the hazard so no one else fell foul of the slick. Even our on loan Yamaha Motor TMax scooter got in the action, utilising her blue lights and hi-viz markings to warn other road users of the danger. Whilst the majority of the group continued on, the Chairman and one other volunteer remained behind to manage the incident until a car from Thames Vally Road’s Policing Unit was able to attend and take over from us. Shortly after the roundabout was closed as the Highways Agency team began the clean up. All in all we reckon we saved over 17 bikers from potential disaster in the time we were there… and received a welcomed pat on the back from the officers from Thames Valley Police – it’s always good to have our efforts recognised by the professionals! After all that, we even managed to link up with our colleagues from SERV Ox Bucks Berks N’hants Blood Bikes who were doing a fundraiser at Beaconsfield Services.
So what was the best part of the experience? Some say it was the fact our rider escaped with little more than hurt pride. Some say it was the professional way we handled the incident, the number of fellow bikers saved from potential disaster and the recognition of our efforts from Thames Valley Constabulary Officers. But for the plucky volunteer who remained to assist our Chairman in managing the scene, (having been cruelly mocked for utilising the carrying plate on his bike to transport an umbrella), it was undoubtedly being able to remain completely dry as the heavens opened… and others suffered the indignity of the British weather… Prior Planning and Preparation ladies and gents!
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