A Chance Encounter With A Happy Customer

Whilst delivering milk today our rider Graham met a gentleman in the lift. The gentleman asked: “Are you the chap who delivers all the milk?” Graham replies “Not usually me sir, more often my mate Derek but I have the privilege today.” “Oh thats great! He saved my boy’s life two days ago; his mother can’t express and he needed DBM urgently, and you guys delivered. God bless you.”

We wish you and your family well sir.

Sometimes it’s nice to meet a customer and get that warm fuzzy feeling.

#ItsWhatWeDo #volunteers

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  1. EDWARD HAROLD RUSSELL // November 17, 2017 at 9:43 pm // Reply

    As a 220 time blood donor in Canada it is great to know that I am saving the lives of leukemia victims. as well as others every two weeks. I thought being diabetic would put a stop to this, but apparently not. And then I found out not having to stop giving at age 71 and give until I die is fantastic news. I hope to reach the 300 level within about a year and half. And being a Masonic brother blood donor co-ordinator in my district is also great knowing we are helping people with their lives. Helping people in need is a wonderful experience.

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