A Cub Pack visit to the Air Ambulance

We are rightly proud of the work that we do, including the daily support we provide to the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance. Sometimes it's just good fun to get out in the sunshine and do something a little bit different, and surreptitiously raise our profile at the same time!

One of our volunteers asked if his son’s Cub Pack could visit the Air Ambulance. After liaison with the ground support staff, a daytime visit during half-term was arranged for a small group of children to see inside the hangar, around the aircraft and learn so much more about the daily work of this fantastic local charity.

Our host Manager Larry first showed them a fast response vehicle, used for local calls or when the helicopter is grounded, and the amount of equipment it carries, all which is repeated in the second vehicle and the helicopter. Two mums got to try on the rucksacks that crew have to carry from the aircraft to an incident, often as far as 400 yards, and were shocked at the weight!

Outside, Pilot Dan, Doctor David and Paramedic Steve showed us the helicopter, including the controls and the medical equipment, allowing the kids to sit inside whilst answering their questions and regaling them with tales of night flights, speed and other stuff that excites young minds.

2015-10-27 12.23.11The weather really could not have been kinder and, just as the visit was winding up a call came in and the children got to see the aircraft take off on a real mission. It was almost as if it was scripted, and a fantastic end to the visit!

Thank you to all the staff at the Redhill KSS Air Ambulance, especially those mentioned above, for taking the time out to provide an entertaining, informative and memorable visit for local kids, and their parents.

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