A SERV Social to France – Day 4

And so we get to the last day of our weekend trip to France. If you've started here, you should first read Day 1, Day 2 and maybe even Day 3, although that's optional, for it to make much sense.

And with the reprobates included

Day 4 AM RouteIt being the final day, a more leisurely breakfast was taken, together with a group photo opportunity with the bikes. We have to thank our host Manoj Patel for not only putting up with our raucous evenings but also being so cheery, helpful and fluent in English.

A spirited ride brought us to Colincamps, and the Euston Road cemetery. This is one of many such cemeteries in the region, and they are all meticulously maintained. The eldest person with a named headstone that we could find was 33, younger than nearly every member of our party. A sobering thought in the 100th Anniversary Year of the Great War.

Lunch was enjoyed al fresco at Restaurant La Boucherie outside of Arras. It was a pleasant enough meal, if in a slightly industro-retail setting. However, we did find a useful guide on how to order steak in French. What a shame we didn’t have that to hand earlier in the trip!

Day 4 PM RouteThe afternoon was spent enjoying more of the same type of roads that we’d used all weekend, but unfortunately heading in the general direction of Calais and home.

On arrival at Calais, we discovered that our train was delayed due to an earlier incident in the tunnel, which caused it to be closed for a period of time. They were therefore playing catch-up and delays were up to two hours.

A leisurely coffee and some shopping caused us to bump into two other biking friends, both with SERV history. How small the world can be sometimes!

We dispersed at Folkestone, making our separate ways home after what was an amazing trip. Thanks are due to Duncan Stanton for organising and leading the trip, plus Tristan Phillips for making sure that nobody got left behind.

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Here are the motley crew that finished the trip

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Here’s to the next one!


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