A SERV Volunteers story – The David Knox Memorial Bike

David Knox was a keen motorcycle enthusiast with a particular passion for Nortons and BMW’s, as well as an avid interest in aeroplanes, and classic cars, in fact pretty much anything with an engine, in his day job David was a partner in a sizeable law practice in Guildford.

A keen member of Wey Valley Advanced Motorcycle club, David saw the value of motorcyclists as Bloodrunners, and was keen to help SERV in whatever way he could. Typically of David he wanted to give the best return ‘out’ for effort put ‘in’. What better way to achieve this than to use his skilled legal eye to craft the new SERV Surrey & South London constitution for presentation to the Charity Commission. A considerable task of several months, which duly completed, went smoothly through the process at Charity Commission enabling SERV Surrey & South London (SSL) to register as an independently managed Charity within the SERV family of Bloodbikes.

Only a few of us knew during this time that David was fighting a cancer, and finally in December 2013 David passed away; he asked that his funeral collection become a donation to SERV (SSL) and with Barlow Robbins’ Practice adding to the collection, an amazing £2000 was raised.

SERV(SSL) decided that such a significant donation should be put to the best possible use, mindful of David’s passion for BMW motorcycles, the Charity chose an ex-Met Police Special Escort Group bike, fully serviced, well looked after and ready to do Bloodbike duty.

David Knox Memorial Bike

The “David Knox Memorial Bike” is now prepared for active duty, delivering emergency blood across Surrey and South London at night for patients in urgent need.  Supporting Hospitals with our team of night time volunteers the bike will busy helping the SERV Blood Runners for a long time to come.

David Knox Memorial Bike

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  1. A fitting memorial to my dear cousin David.I will miss him. He was my child hood friend, cousin and partner in mischief.
    Keep on riding are missed.

    New York

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