Annual SERV S&SL Easter Egg Run

On Sunday 13th April, a team of SERV S&SL riders set off in the sunshine on a very special mission; they were heading to Evelina London Children’s Hospital and each of them had a very special package on board – not the usual blood this time, but chocolate Easter eggs.

One by one, kids ambled out from the ward in their slippers with mums in tow to chat to the SERV volunteers and have their photos taken sitting on one of the bikes.

And it wasn’t just the kids who wanted a snap – nurses and the mums themselves were getting in on the act and having their pictures taken – for Facebook of course!

It was a beautiful day and we all had a lovely time meeting the children and friendly staff of this colourful hospital, which we normally only have contact with in the middle of the night on a blood run.

As a trolley full of our Easter egg presents was wheeled into the hospital revolving doors, we all got back on our bikes and headed off home – some capturing a glimpse of the London marathon on the way!

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