Edinburgh to London Package Relay

Our rider Ray linked up with Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes on the 5th April to collected a package traveling down from Edinburgh. The package started off at Edinburgh Children’s Hospital and was picked up by Blood Bikes Scotland around 1300, who then took it on the first 56 miles leg to Berwick-upon-Tweed. at Berwick-upon-Tweed the rider was met by Northumbria Blood Bikes who took the next leg of 106 miles to Scotch Corner where the package was handed over to the Whiteknights Yorkshire. They continued the next leg of 108 miles, before handing over to Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes at Tibshelf services on the M1. They opted to use a car due to poor weather and carried it a further 123 motorway miles, making the final handover to SERV Surrey & South London at 19:22 at Jct.8. Our rider Ray fought the last 34 miles through the traffic of Central London delivering the package to to its final destination at 22:35.

A fantastic display of teamwork all done by volunteers who give up their time.

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