NISA Extra Make a Difference Locally for the Bloodrunners

From Local Guardian – Sutton

The manager, John Patel, and staff of Nisa Extra, Wrythe Lane, Carshalton nominated Service by Emergency Volunteers (SERV) Surrey & South London branch as one of the charities benefitting from the Make A Difference Locally scheme run by the company.

Handing over a cheque for £600 to the county secretary, John said he was pleased to be able to support the charity.

The funds will be used to sponsor special insulated boxes for the transportation of donor breast milk to the milk banks. SERV more usually known as the Bloodrunners, as they transport blood and blood products between 7pm and 6am, every day of the year, free of charge to the NHS, have now branched out into transportation of the donor breast milk to the milk banks at various hospitals, including Kings College, Queen Charlotte’s and St Peter’s Chertsey.

Donor breast milk has benefits over formula for premature babies because it contains a variety of protective factors which help protect a sick premature baby from infection. These small babies are very prone to catch to infections and they need all the help they can get.

For more information on the milk bank scheme SERV receive no government funding and are entirely dependent upon donations to provide their services. For more information SERV or to donate please contact

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