Presentation of our new bike Mark Mason

It’s Blood Bike Awareness Day and we are at the National Conference Centre for the handover of our new bike named, Mark Mason. As you can probably guess by the name this bike has been generously donated to us by The Mark Benevolent Fund and supported by The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons and NABB. We are enormously grateful and the bike will be put to good use. Please give our riders a wave if seen on the streets of London.

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  1. I have just achieved my 233rd blood donation. I am aiming for 250 by this time next year. Being a 70 year old Type II diabetic with Sleep apnea I am proud as a MARK MASTER MASTER and three time former Past Master and Dist. SECT. here in Canada to be able to donate platelets every two weeks. Usually teamed up with leukemia victims.

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