SERV S&SL volunteer off to Africa to raise money for “Riders for Health”

From Jack Lilley Triumph

Paul is a volunteer rider for SERV, (Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers), a service which relies on volunteer riders to transport emergency blood products to hospitals and medical facilities.  Paul spends every other Thursday night/Friday morning “on call” and helps out at other times when work commitments allow.

However, Paul will soon be swapping his SERV duties for a 2 week stint riding an off road motorcycle in the Zambian bush to raise money for Riders for Health, an organisation which provides health care professionals in sub-Saharan Africa with the vehicles and maintenance expertise they need to get health care out into rural communities – no matter how harsh the conditions. (SEE His biking mate and work colleague, Ian Griffiths, will be joining him on the African journey.

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