Tesco Guildford Fundraiser 2013-11-23

SERV Surrey & South London would like to extend our appreciation to Tesco Guildford and to their staff and customers who put £839.52 into our collection tins and buckets yesterday. Thanks too to all of our volunteers who turned up on the day, some of whom were on duty all through the night.

Throughout the day we were also told stories by members of the public and staff of the Royal Surrey hospital next door about their direct and indirect experiences with SERV and the service we provide. One elderly gentleman popped £10 into one of our buckets, saying “I had 7 pints put in me last year” and a mother told us how she had never heard of SERV until she needed urgent blood during childbirth and was told it was brought by us. It is great to hear these stories as we rarely get to know what has happened to the products we carry.

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