Controllers take calls from our hospitals and our colleagues in neighbouring blood runner groups and dispatch jobs to our volunteer riders or drivers on duty.

To control for SERV Surrey & South London you will need:

  • a mobile phone and a computer
  • to be available for duty at least 2 nights a month from 7pm to 6am (this is usually a set night once a fortnight)
  • a reasonable geographical knowledge of the area we cover
  • a good logistical head
  • a good customer service manner
  • the ability to handle multiple concurrent tasks

Suitable training for all other aspects of the role will be provided.

Please contact the Recruitment Team  for more information and to apply.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Which nights will I have to be on duty?

A: Following your induction you will be invited to a site visit which will culminate at St Thomas’ Hospital where you will meet our rota manager. He will discuss with you our requirements and your availability and hopefully the two will match up. If not then he will aim to get you on the rota at times which you are happy with.


Q: What if I am still not sure of anything after my training?

A: You will be assigned a controller mentor who will be an experienced volunteer. They will be there to help you through your early days with SERV S&SL and will usually invite you to sit with them for part of a couple of shifts, helping you to get used how it all works. Your mentor will be there for you for as long as you need their guidance.


Q: Where do I have to wait for a call when on duty?

A: Our controllers work from  the comfort of their own homes but this does not have to be the case so long as you have a good phone signal. Some of our rider/driver volunteers prefer to work out of our bunk house in New Malden and this could be because they live more than an hour from Tooting, their spouse/partner does not appreciate being woken up at all hours or perhaps they head straight to work from there in the morning. Whatever the reason, we try to ensure they are comfortable and the bunk house is equipped with beds, sofa, TV, DVD player, microwave etc.