Will you help us coordinate our riders at night?

Will you help us coordinate our riders at night?

We are currently looking for more volunteers to help with our controlling (we don’t just need riders, drivers and fundraisers).

As a Controller you are the king-pin of your shift. You’ll coordinate the logistics for a night duty, taking calls from the hospitals in our area and dispatching our riders and drivers, as well as organising relays with our neighbouring area controllers.

Without controllers, we cannot provide a service to our hospitals and we’re in just as much need of them as we are riders and drivers.

No experience is necessary, new controllers will receive a minimum of two training sessions with one of our experienced controllers, then as many shadowed sessions with another controller as they feel comfortable with before being signed off and going solo.

If you’d like to “give something back” to your community and are interested in this role, please contact our recruiting coordinator, Martin, on 07432 221981 or email

For further information, see our website

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  1. I’d like to volunteer as a controller coordinator or tea maker. I think what you do is fab. I am a biker and would be honoured to be able to serve you.

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